Small Groups

Jesus called a group of fishermen to come and follow him. Much like apprentices with a master, they learned and sought to imitate Jesus' words, works and way of life.  Jesus continues to call ordinary, broken people to follow him. When we respond to that call, we enter a lifetime of learning to live like Jesus in relationship with him and other disciples.  Our spiritual growth as followers of Jesus is crucial to living out our understanding of what it means to be disciples who know Christ and makes Christ known.

Sundays 4:00-6:00 pm
Starts September 12

In one of his most famous parables, Jesus points us to a man who gets down off his donkey and helps someone in dire need.  We are also called to dismount, get messy, and live a life that makes a real difference.  Get Off Your Donkey is a book that helps reveal two mutually reinforcing truths: First, helping others is often the best path for our own personal development. And second, as you become more the person you were designed to be, you increase your capacity to serve others.  It all starts with a decision to get off your donkey--today!  
Pastor David Joyner will serve as facilitator.    
 Every parent has dreams for their children and a hope filled with the best of intentions. Although, at some point, parents move from DREAMS to DUCT TAPE and simply hope that everything will just stay stuck together and their kids won’t fall apart.  Raising Christ-seeking kids is a difficult challenge, and it requires a plan—without a plan, parents often default to what we call “Quick-Fix Parenting.”  Let’s be honest: surviving each day is much easier than taking the time and energy to consider how your current parenting actions are impacting a child’s future. Unfortunately, quick and easy isn’t the same as good and effective.  The good news is you’re not the only parent with this struggle, so come be part of a room of parents just like you.  Debra Boudreau will serve as facilitator of this interactive class.    

Mondays 7:00 pm
Starts September 13

Wednesdays 10am-noon
Starts September 15

Are you looking to join a Bible study that will meet via Zoom?  If so, this one is for you!  This 11 week study will be a walk through the book of Romans.  Paul writes to the church in Rome to present his basic statement of the gospel: God's plan of salvation for all peoples, Jew and Gentile alike.  This discussion driven group will be based on the readings you do on your own between sessions.  So grab your Bible and computer and make plans to be part of discussing such a rich book of scripture.  This 9-week class will begin on Monday, September 13 and Ryan Minster will serve as facilitator.  A Zoom link will be sent to those signed up for the class.  
Women’s Bible Study :  This 7-week study is an in-depth look into the Book of Numbers and God’s people. The Book of Numbers is a story of identity, wilderness, and God. It continues the historical narrative begun in Exodus where God’s people, newly freed from Egypt’s shackles, are wandering toward the promised land. During this account of wilderness roaming and rebellion, we are reminded of God’s promises, presence and love for his people. It’s in that love and those promises that the children of Israel found their identity and where we must find ours today. This class begins on Wednesday, September 15 and Jena Katkaveck will serve as facilitator.

Thursdays 6:30 am
Starts September 16

Are you an early riser who would like to be in Bible Study with folks before going to work or school?  This group will do just that when they meet for a dutch treat breakfast at Bojangle’s (English Rd. location) with conversations around each week’s scripture reading.  The book of Ephesians tends to answer the question people have asked throughout all time: Why am I here? The answer has to do with eternity, making peace with God and understanding the believer’s new identity in Christ. The gathering of this group will begin on Thursday, September 16.   Will Geanes will serve as facilitator.